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Geometric Mandalas

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Geometric Mandalas GalleryGeometric Mandala Art Gallery - This gallery features unique and beautiful geometric mandalas by Robert M Inglis. These paintings are based on sacred geometry and are perfect for creating positive energy, they are good feng shui art. These original, amazing circular mandalas are excellent for visual meditation or yatra. They are available as limited edition art prints in standard sizes, or very large sizes as murals or posters, or as a digital projection show for musical groups, theater and dance groups. Rob Inglis also designs custom art and mandalas for interior designers and individual clients.
Abstract ArtworkAbstract Art Gallery - A truly fantastic art gallery, featuring paintings and drawings by Robert M Inglis, with non-representational paintings, abstract art, homage to Rene Magritte, a sea turtle, passing of a spiritual master, levitation in the spiritual realm, a Cubist painting, ascension art or transcending the material world, a nude swimmer, female beauty, a tribute to victims of 9/11, the crab nebula, the world is burning, ecological art, images and paintings of passion and freedom, strange and wondrous worlds of unlimited imagination and brilliant colors.
Bio-Logical ArtworkBio-Logical Art Gallery - Art gallery displaying impressionist paintings of cellular, molecular and atomic realms, Rob Inglis creates wondrous images of the inner microcosm. Here you will see a hepatitis C virus consumed by white blood cells, DNA healing, a face emerging from the molecular matrix, the goddess Electra, fuzzy logic, liquids in suspension, atoms dancing, a dragon emitting a double helix strand of DNA, a galaxy at the heart of an atom and many other miraculous worlds of art to come. Robert Inglis specializes in producing custom illustrations and art for biotech firms and research companies.
Portrait and Paintings GalleryPortrait and Paintings - A Portrait Gallery, featuring unique and stunning paintings by Robert M Inglis. Fascinating human faces are on display here, including paintings and drawings of Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood and others. Robert is accepting commissions for portraits of people based on photographs or painting from life. Capturing the innate nobility and spirituality of each individual, these beautiful portraits will last for centuries. Robert has an eye for detail and blending color to produce a dramatic effect in his art. Although trained as a draftsman and designer, he has been painting and drawing for fifty years and has always been fascinated by the human physiognomy, the lines and planes, each one unique and different. These wonderful portraits will be a treasured memory and keepsake for many generations.
Zen Artwork - Buddhist PaintingsZen Artwork and Buddhist Paintings Gallery - After years of Zen meditation, Robert Inglis has created one of a kind Buddhist paintings and Zen art, including several spontaneous enso, Buddha images, paintings of Bodhisattvas, images of zazen, exquisite and powerful painting of Chinese Dragons, spiritual art, art for koan work, portraits of Zen teachers, pictures of Zen ancestors, zazen mudra paintings, Bodhidharma paintings, portrait of Hui Neng, Hsu Yun Empty Cloud painting, Shodo Harada Roshi, portrait of Roshi Philip Kapleau, lotus paintings, African American Buddha art, Taoist Immortal, Dharma and work, Hyakujo’s fox, birth, death and reincarnation art, transcendental art. Robert accepts commissions for portraits from life and photographs.
New ArtworkNew Artwork - An ever expanding Art Gallery featuring new paintings and adventures in art, by Robert M. Inglis, designer, illustrator, and fine artist. Here on display are the unfolding ideas, experiments, the weird and the wonderful, the bizarre and the beautiful art of Robert Malcolm Inglis. Get a glimpse inside the mind of an artist as he explores his world, both conscious and unconscious, material and spiritual. Some of these works will make it into the other galleries, some will not. Here you can watch as Poseidon emerges from the deep, an unborn enso is born, a new Buddha surrounded by a Pure Land of jeweled wonder emerges, a gorgeous young woman discovers the impermanence of all things. Stay tuned.
Mythological and Fantasy ArtworkMythological Artwork Gallery - Online art gallery, featuring fantasy art, unique and original fine art prints, highly detailed paintings of a Centaur in the mountains, a white wizard, magicians, dragon, Chinese dragons of wisdom, a spiral sage, Santa Claus and elves, fairies, a powerful water dragon, and a greedy demon devouring the world. These one of a kind images are finest quality and limited edition, signed, prints on canvas or archival paper. Rob Inglis will create custom fantasy art and fantasy portraits for people of any age, from a photograph or life.
Golden CraneGolden Crane Hanging Sculpture - Created and designed by Robert M Inglis, using an AutoCAD program, this hanging sculpture is laser cut from eighth-inch brass, and will last for a thousand years. A signed card with the Legend of the Golden Crane will accompany each sculpture. Ideal as a gift for friends and loved ones, this beautiful design cannot be found elsewhere and is sale priced for spring. This sculpture turns in the wind and will look fabulous in your garden, on a porch or patio or in your home. It catches both the wind and the light, reflecting gold highlights wherever displayed. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to own this Golden Heron, symbol of happiness and good fortune.
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